When 2015 started I felt very strongly we were to start “living out of the box” of our normal. My word for that year was “Joy” – actually it was more of an action, it was to “choose joy”. We intentionally shook up all of our norms: spent New Year’s Day ice skating; went tubing – yes, me – in the snow; we got a wild & crazy puppy; we vacationed in Marco Island, our first time in SW FL; and, before the year was out, I got a new job and we moved to Sarasota! Everything about all we had ever known was thrown out of the proverbial box by the end of 2015. We moved outside of our norms, practiced joy, and followed Jesus into the unknown.

I don’t know what 2020 holds for you. Let’s be real, I don’t even know what tomorrow holds for me – other than back to school. {Bless}. But if you have a new word, challenge, or resolution for this new year and decade I encourage you to lean into it with everything you’ve got. You just never know what amazing changes and adventures are going to occur when you step outside of your box.