We all love beautiful flowers but, we often don’t consider the process that leads to those glorious blooms and sweet fragrances that delight our senses. 

This first bloom on my new pink plumeria came from a discarded cutting off a neighbor’s tree last fall. We dried out the root, then applied a special rooting powder, and finally planted the naked stalk in a pot of dirt in our screened-in patio. In that confined and enclosed space, our cutting grew roots, leaves, and height. 

But here’s the thing, it never bloomed in that safe, small space. Also, we left it in that pot for so long that the plant started to die. So, a few weeks ago we moved it outside and into our front yard. No longer confined by tight boundaries and with plenty of room to expand, our little cutting shot up a solid foot in no time at all. 

And then she bloomed. Y’all – she bloomed in a glorious shade of pink. 

Being transplanted is scary stuff, but it’s also often where the real transformation occurs. It’s so very hard, I know. But I promise saying “yes” to the repurposing you face is worth it all when you see that new bloom and smell that beautiful aroma.