Today a journey I started a very long time ago finally came to an end as I officially earned my Master of Arts in International Community Development from Southeastern University. I’m so thankful for an education and the 1000 different ways I’ve grown and changed in this non-traditional student process since taking one World History class in 2008. I nearly lost it when that master’s hood was placed over my shoulders during commencement. Graduation felt like a new commissioning. There is so much more yet to come, I’m just getting started. 

I am a 53 yr old working professional who is also a mom of 5. Don’t listen to fear, it isn’t real. If you have a dream in your heart, go after it. You aren’t too old and it isn’t too late. 

Today, what will you do? 

Grateful that almost everyone was able to come, only missing Izzy who is attending college in Miami.