Decades after the concept for a manuscript was dropped in my heart, I’m excited to finally share that my book baby was officially born today!

And that means it is time to PARTY!

A few friends, most of my immediate family, and a few other friends and family through Zoom came together to celebrate and pray over this new project. My daughters created their first charcuterie boards and another very talented friend created a beautiful cake to help us celebrate this very special event. The bounty on our table was just about as full as my heart, which is simply overflowing with thankfulness for everyone involved in helping to get Called to War born.

For those interested in learning more, Called to War is now available for purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble in hardback, paperback, and ebook forms.

Called to War: How Life’s Battles Prepare Us for God’s Purposes is a book about faith and personal transformation. Part inspirational, part devotional, and part autobiographical, Called to War explores how the very thing you run from becomes the very thing you embrace, and why a journey with God transforms your eyes, your heart, and your walk. Framed metaphorically in militaristic language, this journey through infertility, adoption, and advocacy tells a story of surrender while at the same time imparting important lessons and rewards of a life lived in sacrifice for others.  

I’ve also written an accompanying study guide that will guide you through identifying processes of transformation in your own life and help you find the courage to surrender to the Sovereign. The Called to War Study Guide is also available for purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

As a special launch gift, a PDF of the study guide is available by signing up to receive my emails.  Claim your free copy HERE

As I have self-published, your help in promoting these resources is vital. Please help me share the word about Called to War with your friends. You can forward the link to this blog or any of my social media posts about the release.  Positive reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads are very helpful and appreciated as well! 

Thank you for the continued support you’ve shown in my journey to publishing. I pray this book is a blessing in your life and encourages you to wholeheartedly embrace a life that is called to war.