Winding down a road, where I can’t see what’s ahead,
All that I know is there’s another turn, a twist, and yet another bend.
Each season gets harder, each path more confined,
Tightness and restraints have become the normal way of life.

Knowing the ledge is right in front of me,
Feeling the edge with my toes.
My back is pressed into the cliff,
Inch by inch forward is the only way left to go.

I lean deeper into the journey, into the mysteries of my King.
Needing Him every waking second to quiet the fears within my being.
In these tight places, I fight to push the panic aside,
Knowing without Him I am nothing, I must simply learn how to abide.

This is no longer just my journey, now my family comes along too.
All uncertain of our tomorrows, except for the promises we hold true.
That if He clothes the lilies and cares for the sparrow,
Our great shepherd will certainly carry us through.

One more breathe, one more step, one more day.
There is only one truth, one life, one way.
The broad path leads to death and the narrow way leads to life,
Such is the upside-down gospel of Christ.

When I can’t speak, He sings truth within me until I feel release.
I am hidden in the Rock of Ages, cleft for me, and that knowledge brings great peace.
He knows my tomorrows, for he drafted the number of my days,
He’s my rear guard and high tower, He’ll keep me safe in all of my ways.