Scripture tells us there are seasons for everything (Ecc. 3). Nature has seasons; people have seasons. I was living through a long barren season while all my friends were having babies. They were buried in diapers while I was traveling the world. Now many of my peers are empty nesters while I still have two middle schoolers. They are traveling and I’m still sitting in daily school pickup lines, with four solid years ahead of me in this season of parenting.

It’s interesting how infertility continues to define my life even five kids later, proving yet again that a baby is not an eraser for the disease of infertility.  I’m not complaining or sad though, that’s not what this post is about.  I’ve long since come to peace with my old friend, infertility. I now have eyes to see that we all have unique seasons to our life journeys. Delayed does not mean denied, and it never has.  I’ve also learned how to look for God’s mercies in the process, which are always new every morning (Lam.3:22-23). 

I was supposed to be in Hawaii right now, a long-anticipated return to the islands Tim and I love so well. But the season for that trip was premature and canceling was the right decision for many reasons.  However, my mind has been in Hawaii and on vacation all weekend anyway.  I’ve pulled out all the old videotapes and photo albums, forcing my kids to endure endless tales of earlier adventures before they were born.  (I will neither confirm nor deny that I was wearing my Disney Aloha ears while telling these stories). 

Imagine my total delight to walk outside today and see tiny buds on my plumeria tree! Oh, what joy to know a little bit of Hawaii will soon be in glorious bloom right in my front yard. I can’t get to Hawaii right now, but Father is bringing a little Hawaii to me. I will soon have the scent of plumeria filling my home again. These tender buds represent to me the tender mercies of a faithful and compassionate God. He who knows our seasons so intimately brings us strength for today AND a bright hope for tomorrow.