I am now somewhere between week two and three with a left arm that was “broken like eggs” two days before Thanksgiving.  I am becoming somewhat independent again, meaning I can usually get dressed, make coffee, and (kind of) do my hair and make-up. I cannot yet shower, drive a car, or frankly do much of anything to help my family.  I have returned to work in some capacity, although typing with one hand is difficult and cumbersome. The pain is reduced, yet constant. The road back to normal appears unending.

One of my normal December/ year-end practices is finding my word for the coming year. This is a practice I’ve held since 2015 and one that gives me great focus and meaning each year. Others who practice a #WOTY will tell you that the word often replaces a New Year’s resolution. As a person of faith, I believe and have seen my words usually have divine inspiration. The words often tie together year after year and help provide continuity to my life story.[1]

One afternoon this week I took a short break from work to lie down and rest, a perk of working and recovering from home.  I had been considering my upcoming word of the year, although the words my mind was coming up with, such as “health”, seemed very pragmatic. When I closed my eyes, I asked the Lord to help direct my word for 2022. As soon as I finished my prayer, I got my answer: Restore – because it is both what I need and what I’m called to do for others. The beauty, power, and strength of the word led me to weep and worship. 

When I got up from resting, there was a text from a local ministry that supports foster and adoptive families. It’s a group I’ve worked with professionally in the past. They had learned about my injury and wanted to drop off some frozen meals to help our family during this time. The following morning when I woke up, there was an email from a pastor in Africa who had been praying for me overnight. He told me the Lord had me pray this verse over you: 

“I will restore your health, and I will 
heal your wounds, declares the Lord” 
~ Jeremiah 30:17

The promise for next year is already starting to occur in my life and God was already moving through others to accomplish his purpose. Three times while I rested He was restoring me, just as He promises in Psalm 23. It’s a beautiful thing to be held secure by faith, even in life’s hard and painful moments. 

[1] I have many blogs dedicated to this topic, so if you are interested in learning more on this topic, take a look at my “word of the year” category.