I know y’all know my infertility story and that we prayed 23 years for our kids to all arrive. But do you know how long I prayed to have a dog? That would be nearly twice as long – 43 years!

When I was 5 years old we discovered I was highly allergic to all animals with fur. There are plenty of painful allergy tests and shots to back up this fact. But Michael wanted a dog so bad, so when he was 13 we got him a puppy that would be well suited for our big family, 5 acres, and 4-season Midwest life. Who knew that 6 months later we would move to Florida and our outside dog would become an inside family member.

I can’t explain it, but the fact that I can coexist with this dog is nothing short of a miracle. Living with an inside animal should have thrown me into unmanageable asthma. I live on several daily allergy meds, and he knows better than to lick me, but you guys – I have a dog. I know he’s likely my only one, so I put up with him eating our steaks now and then and pulling me down the road like a sled.

Michael says Ky is his dog, but everyone who lives in our home knows he’s my dog and I’m enjoying every single minute with our puppy Ky.