I woke up this morning thinking about ALL the prayers we’ve been lifting for months (during Covid) and years (for many other reasons) asking God to heal our land.

Maybe the old wounds of injustice are being exposed in a new way SO THAT healing can really come. Our country needs deep, lasting change. Change is never easy and it’s never comfortable – BUT it is needed. I don’t care if you are a Democratic or a Republican, you know that’s true. Our foundations of justice are unequal and broken. Fixing foundations is TOUGH, SLOW work, but if it’s not addressed in a permanent way the house will never stand

In 2004, Tim and I had to hire a company to raise our 150 yr old farmhouse and repair the foundation. It was a mess under that house. The weight of the home on crumbling bricks and a foundation falling apart by the passing of years was causing the entire building to be compromised. In order to save the home, the foundation had to be stabilized with new steel and new concrete. It’s delicate and tedious work, but it can be done.

Friends this hard work our country needs is worth doing together. We must lift the “house” and repair our foundations – Neighbor to neighbor, shoulder to shoulder. Equality and justice MUST be for all otherwise our Constitution is a meaningless document.

Stop asking the same questions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand.

Show mercy.
Act justly.

If you are spouting the same rhetoric as you have in the past, then I humbly say you are missing the point entirely. Lean into the uncomfortable and the messy and just sit. The same God that opened this wound will pour out his healing balm of peace if we let him be God. Let’s not miss this moment.