As I was journeying through this Advent season, I came across a song that simply said: 

“Let every heart, let every heart, prepare Him room.”

While meditating on this little lyric, it hit me: We are all the innkeepers in the Savior’s birth story. Our hearts are the manger setting.  All we know how to give to this Christ child when he arrives in the world is the outskirts of our home, the rural places of our hearts, and the most meager of our possessions. 

Christ comes into each of our lives in the smallest of ways. He is not off put by the small manger of our hearts. The Lamb of God knows how to dwell in a manger.  Immanuel, Word made flesh, chooses to abide with us in whatever space we can open when He arrives because He knows that of His Light, there is no end.  

Merry Christmas!