My oldest daughter, Lydia, recently began a new chapter in her life to become a licensed mental health counselor through Regent University. She has a long season ahead that will involve perseverance and transformation. We have no idea where this next journey will lead her or the lives she will touch in this future role. However, we do know it is a season that will require mercies for the process, providential relationships, and pivotal circumstances.  

Try to imagine the emotion involved when her connecting flight home on American Airlines turned out to be on the one plane in the fleet bearing the TWA livery. This plane is part of the AA’s heritage series, giving homage to the carrier’s family tree. Seriously, what even are the chances this is Lydia’s aircraft today? 

It’s an impossibility. 

If ever there was a symbol in my story of God’s mercy in the process it is the TWA logo. I waited a decade for Lydia to arrive in my arms while working at TWA and in the mercy of mercies was able to escape the pain of my infertility on this carrier. And now these are her wings home. 

Facing all the unknowns ahead in Lydia’s story, she is coming home again on the very symbolism of God’s providential relationships and pivotal circumstances in my story.  

You guys. I can’t stop crying. 

I don’t know what her story will hold, but I do know God’s fingerprints are all over it. And she’s been given the same heritage wings that carried her mama too. 

“For with God, nothing is impossible” ~ Luke 1:37