Do you remember the classic holiday cartoon when Rudolph saved Christmas with the help of the characters from the Island of Misfit Toys? The one with the cast of goofy, bumbling characters giving all of their excuses to Rudolph as to why they couldn’t help with his important mission. How could a spotted elephant, a bird that swims, a train with square wheels on his caboose, or a water pistol that squirts jelly save Christmas? They were just broken and misplaced misfits with odd skill sets living out their days secluded on an island. These toys failed to realize their uniqueness and idiosyncrasies were exactly what Rudolph needed to save the day. 

Do you ever feel like life just doesn’t “work” like it has in the past or that you are not needed in the same capacity anymore? Do you have dreams that are out of sync with the life you are living today, leaving you feeling a little bit like that train with square wheels with no clue about your life purpose? Or, has your journey has left you feeling without hope for tomorrow?  

Have you given up on Christmas?  

It’s been years since my children watched that movie, yet I woke up with that story on my mind and this thought in my head: Jesus uses the broken to accomplish the impossible! This idea immediately filled me with such hope! No matter if we sometimes feel too broken or misplaced, we have a secured hope that we have been created for a unique purpose. This hope came to us at Christmastime in the form of a baby born in a manger. This hope – our King – takes our broken and misfit lives and uses them for his glory!  

My apologies for mixing modern tales with ancient truths, but this idea is nonetheless so true. Jesus took twelve misfits as his disciples and they were able to change the world! Take heart this Christmas Eve my friends: broken dreams, broken lives, not even a broken world are too much for our Savior. Our redeemer takes us just as we are and uses everything for his glory!