For so many years I had the privilege of reading my babies bedtime stories while rocking them to sleep. God was so good to me that many of those years my lap was filled x2. There were many favorite books, songs, and prayers that filled up this sweet time we shared before bedtime … the calm before the storm each night when I’d leave the room for them (again, usually in sets) to fall asleep. 

One of our favorite bedtime books was Good Night Moon. Tonight, as I looked up at this moon, I was pulled back in time to that jungle nursery at a 150-year-old farmhouse in Illinois. 

Good night, room. Good night, moon. 

Good night, cow jumping over the moon. 

The last few weeks have been so sweet for our family. God has again been so, so good to us. Lydia has started a job in the field that she’s trained. Dennis has found his birth mom in Guatemala. Rebekah got into the IB program in high school next year. Isabelle finished her first year of college in Miami as a color guard champion. Michael is wrapping up his PNW 10-month solo adventure and is moving back from Seattle tomorrow. 

These five miracles don’t fit on my lap anymore, but man do they own my heart. They all amaze me – their gifts, talents, and hearts. And they are all back home again for another season giving us the chance to make memories together in our new home. It’s a gift and I’m so grateful. Only one more sleep apart to go now. 

Goodnight moon.