I have been pretty open over the years in sharing our stories and life challenges through various blog post and in my book. However, some events are – for complicated reasons – to personal to share publicly. So as much as I hate vague blogging, I want you to know that God hears the cries of your heart. There may be times you feel He isn’t giving you want you want or even what you prayed for but you need to know that doesn’t mean your Father isn’t near, that He doesn’t care,¬†or that He isn’t listening. The truth is that God is as near as your breath, as near as your need. Sometimes, He responds so quickly to the most random desire that is barely even spoken out loud, even down to the most basic details, that it takes your breath away. Sometimes, it’s been with you all along just hidden away for such a time as this. When those moments occur they lead you and your broken heart back to worship, and that’s how the light begins to comes back in.