I am obsessed with flamingos! My bedroom is flamingos! Though they are iconic to Florida, they were practically driven to extinction from the state in the 1800s. Apart from zoos and maybe a handful of birds hidden in the Everglades, there are no flamingos in Florida. We went to Aruba to find some this summer on our cruise but found no flamingos there either. But as of 2 days ago, reports of flamingos appearing in SW Florida began to surface in the media. Turns out these birds, likely from Cuba or the Yucatán, got caught in Hurricane Idalia and found their way to our coast. 

So your girl, the one who successfully stalked Tom Selleck in the 90s, decided to kick off this holiday weekend and find me some flamingos! Based on yesterday’s reported sightings, I headed to the north shore of Ft. Desoto Beach this morning. While hundreds were heading to the beach for the long weekend, I found a guy with a zoom lens hanging from his neck and followed him down a path parallel to the water. After a short hike through the dunes and marshy water, I found the flamingos! 

What a GIFT to watch these fascinating and rare birds in the wild and in Florida! Totally worth the journey today! Proof that sometimes life off the beaten path can be the most rewarding! 🦩🩷