This weekend was an extra-special long sabbath that involved a retreat away to the mountains in Colorado with many I love the most in this life. Through the ministry of Dauntless Grace, 40 or so women came together to worship, pray, connect, reflect, breathe, and practice vulnerability to help us all find freedom and grace for the stories being written in our lives. Using moments of solace and solitude, as well as times of gathering and purpose, we explored how it is possible to write a new story when we are courageous enough to explore our own brokenness. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of tears, a lot of enneagram talk (I have finally landed on being a 3), and for many of us, a lot of clarity. 

Pulling away and quieting myself from the months of endless work to self-publish my book, I was also able to gain some new clarity. Here on this (proverbial) mountain top moment in my own life, I can see that Called to War, is the capstone project for my infertility and adoption journeys. It is truly the selah moment on a very long and defining journey in my story. Repurposed Lives, my social business, and dare I even say ministry is my future. I can see clearly now exactly how these projects are coinciding. The view behind me is now wrapped in a story of redemption, the view ahead is uncharted, scary, and yet so beautiful. I don’t know how the future I’m viewing today will unfold, but I’m moving ahead… dauntlessly.

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