This Saturday morning’s hike took us out to North Lido Beach in Sarasota. From this perspective, I saw the convergence of bay and gulf waters in the passage between Lido and Siesta Key. Though you can’t tell from the photo, the intersection of these waters is not where you want to try and swim. It is simply not safe because the rip tide can suck you out too far, too fast. 

The slightly different colored waters wrestle together as they begin to mix and surrender to each other. It’s loud out here at this point, as though the water will solve the problem by shouting. But the shells dumped out of the sea onto the shore at this convergence are incredible. Big or small, whole or broken, shells or coral – innumerable treasures all to be found safely on land a few feet from the clashing waters. 

This is life, am I right? The convergence of perspectives, experiences, and traditions can feel scary and maybe even unsafe. It can all be soooo loud sometimes. In these places, we’ve got to keep our eyes on the treasures already around us on dry ground. The waters will eventually sort themselves out, somehow they just do. 

In the meantime, we find joy in the gentle wind that playfully tugs at our beach hats. We find comfort in knowing that land unconnected in one way is still connected together in another way. And, we find peace within the overwhelming sounds of nature that have a magic way of settling – at least for a moment – all our fears.