As a child of an adoptee and as an adoptive mother, adoption has been part of my story since as far back as I can remember. Being the daughter of an adoptee was not my choice; being the mother of Dennis and Rebekah was God’s choice. Like most people living with adoption, I have a long and complicated relationship with the arrangement. Adoption is always created through brokenness and pain, yet that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Every single day I am the recipient of redeeming love, first by my Heavenly Father to me, and second, from these two amazing children I am privileged to call son and daughter.

Today is Orphan & Stand Sunday. I’m praying for all my pastor friends around the world and here in the US participating in this global day of recognition for the Fatherless. If you would like to learn more or know how you can help make a difference in the life of vulnerable children, message me, or check out this page on my website for resources. I’m happy to point you to a variety of trusted organizations that are doing incredible things to help children who need parents.