Today is my first book baby’s 1st birthday! This project was a labor of love that took many, many years to be born. I’m so grateful for everyone who helped me get this project into the world and for everyone who has read #CalledToWar this past year.

While this book tells my story, this is a book primarily about faith and personal transformation. Part inspirational, part devotional, and part autobiographical, Called to War explores how the very thing you run from becomes the very thing you embrace, and why a journey with God transforms your eyes, your heart, and your walk. Framed metaphorically in militaristic language, this journey through infertility, in-vitro, adoption, and advocacy tells a story of surrender while at the same time imparts important lessons and rewards of a life lived in sacrifice for others.

In honor of this special day, I’ve taken 50% off the price of my paperback, ebook, and study guide on Amazon throughout November. That means you can get the book & the study guide for $15 through Prime!

Order your copy here:…/dp/1737491605