This is not the report you want to hear about your left arm the day before Thanksgiving. But this is what’s happening in my life today. A simple fall in the house last night left me with both bones in the left forearm broken and several pieces around the wrist shattered. This is called an “unstable fracture” which required a painful reduction in the ER last night for 2 displaced bones – without anesthesia. There will be surgery to repair next Tuesday, after the holiday weekend. I’m looking at a long two-month recovery.

It’s not lost on me that I just released a book titled, Called to War. While the book is not primarily about spiritual warfare, those concepts are certainly explored within my story. Raising my voice to help others face their life battles seems to have come with a cost. 

This particular “battle” caught me a little unaware and had left me in significant pain. However, Tim and I intend to take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good. We decided that 💯 of the proceeds from the book (instead of 20%) are going to be donated to at-risk children and families for all sales made throughout the remainder of the year. 

Called to War is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Pick up a copy to read an inspirational and transformational story, while making a difference for many in need.

Feel free to say a prayer for me too, I’ve got a recovery journey ahead. ♥️