Called to War

How Life’s Battles Transforms Us For God’s Purposes

Called to War is a book about faith and personal transformation. Part inspirational, part devotional, and part autobiographical, Called to War explores how the very thing you run from becomes the very thing you embrace, and why a journey with God transforms your eyes, your heart, and your walk. Framed metaphorically in militaristic language, this journey through infertility, in-vitro, adoption, and advocacy tells a story of surrender while at the same time imparts important lessons and rewards of a life lived in sacrifice for others.

Called to War

Study Guide

I’ve invited you into my story. Now I’m calling you to some of the hard heart work needed in your own journey of transformation through the questions contained in this free study guide. I hope that by sharing my story you too will be able to identify processes of transformation in your own life.

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While I haven’t personally faced the same battles, I resonated with Stark’s heart of leaning into God’s strength and grace for the challenges in my own life. Highly recommend to anyone who has felt called to persevere through this hard road called life.

– Megan Hall, founder Dauntless Grace ministries 


Stark’s story is vulnerable, brave, informative, and real.

– Connie D.


…this book came at the time I needed it!

– Cathy M.


I am glad the author was brave and vulnerable enough to share her story. Now the world needs to know it and be encouraged by it.

– Linda M. 


This is a must-read for anyone struggling to surrender to God’s call on their life.

– Deedra M.


God stirred within my heart places in my life where I need him to meet me.

– Tammie K.


Dawn challenges her readers to identify their personal war (divorce, widowed, abuse etc) and shows you how she walked through it and how you can too. I recomment this book and discussion guide for ladies small groups and bible studies.

– Kim Gjerde, author Fierce Love


A great read, one that I recommend to anyone needing a reminder that God is there through it all, even when we don’t understand the why.

– Krista K.

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Making a Difference

Dawn is a passionate voice of the voiceless, called to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children here in the U.S. and around the world. In dedication to this calling, 20% of the proceeds from Called to War will be donated to reputable organizations serving at-risk children and families. For more details on the ministries benefitting from sales of this book, please visit {Re}Purposed Lives