A few weeks ago, our renter of 7 years vacated our IL property leaving it in a horrid condition. After a bit of mourning, Tim & I, along with a few lifelong friends/ family pulled together a plan to restore our home.

Last weekend Tim flew back to get, as they say, “boots on the ground.” He met with several contractors and finalized the next steps forward, which included a new AC, a new roof, a septic repair, siding repair, interior painting, & new flooring throughout. The project was dizzying, but at least we had a path forward. He spent 3 days clearing, repairing, & tossing. When he left last Sunday, every bit of our essence that we’d left behind during our quick move to FL in 2015 had finally been removed and was sitting out in the dumpster ready to be hauled away. 

Because we’d learned of some interest in the house, we decided to go ahead and put the property on the market as is. We planned to list it, but to keep moving ahead with renovations until we didn’t have to anymore. Thanks to the quick work of our realtor, the listing was live on the afternoon of 8/23, which just happened to be our 37th wedding anniversary. 

Big things have happened to us before on this pivotal day. It was the day we learned I was pregnant with Lydia, 10 years from the day we started trying to build our family. It was also the day our farmhouse, the one that had been raised so a new basement could be poured, was lowered onto a new foundation. Our anniversary was also, coincidentally, the day the dumpster was removed from the property. 7 years after our move to Florida, 8/23 was the first day we actually and officially finished moving. 

Less than 6 hrs after the listing we received an offer from a couple who want to restore the property and raise a family there. Less than 24 hours after listing it, we were under contract. 

Y’all, we’ve received another anniversary miracle. For reasons that exceed my understanding, dates and addresses matter to Heaven. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude that the impossible was once again made possible in our story.