The funny thing about Covid is that all of the margins in our lives have greatly expanded. We all find ourselves with time again, which turns out is an absolute gift! In June, after nearly four years of gathering dust in a proverbial drawer, I pulled out my book and started to write again. I’ve just crossed the 250-page mark in this story that is part autobiographical and part inspirational. Framed in militaristic language, Called to War explores how the very thing you run from becomes the very thing you embrace because a journey with God transforms your eyes, your heart, and your walk.

I only have 3 chapters to go, and they are already fully outlined. Words are pouring out of my heart at this point. God has been so faithful to help me remember details of my story that are framed within the greater story He wants me to tell. I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you one day, hopefully, soon-ish.