I need to blog, to let my words flow out and record the unfolded mysteries that have occurred for my family over the last 10 days. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to tell the story in the manner it deserves. So for now, here’s a short update to all those waiting to hear more about our upcoming move to Sarasota.

I am totally overwhelmed by the goodness of God to give me the desires of my heart in such a lavish fashion. This week we have located our next home, the kid’s schools, my new office, our new church & pastor, and even snuck in time to find a new little beach. I mean, I will be working downtown Sarasota with a view of the harbor and in the grid of cross streets such as lemon, lime, orange, and pineapple! What’s not to love about that?

There are still details unresolved, but we are confident they will come together just like the rest of the story is falling into place. Much has been accomplished this week, but there is so much yet to be done to get here it’s overwhelming. Our current plan is to move Lydia into her dorm on Aug 19th, then head to FL on Aug 20th so the other kids can start school on Aug 24th. I will not begin my new role until Aug 31st, given me time to settle the kids into a new routine. We do not have a start date for Tim yet, although there is positive movement happening in a possible transfer for him. Keep praying!

Right now I’m focusing on one day at a time and trying not to borrow troubles from tomorrow. This is all so huge, but then I remind myself so was commuting to/from NYC for 6 mos, so was undergoing 7 IVFs, so was living through the first 8 weeks (ok, first year) of twin infants, so was adopting from Guatemala…twice….. I think we are going to make it through relocating to our favorite place on earth just fine.

God has proven to me he is in the business of accomplishing the IMPOSSIBLE. I am and will continue to trust Him in the face of selling our home, leaving our family……leaving our baby girl, which was never the plan when we found a college within an hour of home. I’m choosing to give these situations and longings to my Father and continue to seek out the new promises for our family and for the children whose lives I will help change because of this role at Florida Baptist Children’s Home.

Thank you all for the overwhelming love, support, and cheering me on – it means so much to me. Appreciate your prayers as I begin the long journey back to IL today with my dynamic duo by my side.