A while ago a ministry friend posted this quote on his Facebook page:  

“We need to have the relaxed confidence of a peoplewho know that God is in charge and that forever is ours. “

~ Levi Lusko

I haven’t been able to get this quote off my mind since I read it. It’s a solid quote, perfect for Twitter, but is it possible? Is it really possible to have “relaxed” confidence in God? 

The past few years have found our family in the middle of a few really hard, painful, and pressured-filled situations driving me to constant prayer. Many days and nights I bury my face into the floor seeking God’s help for the scary and dark paths we’ve found ourselves walking. Feeling alone and very lost, many times my prayers and endlessly flowing tears are begging God for relief and resolution.  

Maybe it’s just my personality or the particular life trails I’ve faced, or maybe it’s a general lack of faith, but I can honestly say I’ve never considered the concept of being so assured in God’s in-chargeness (yea, I made up) that I could and should be relaxed. 


For this type-A, {recovering} perfectionist, first-born, project manager, mama of a large tribe with a one-step-ahead belief system, I’ve always struggled with:

1. being relaxed

2. giving up control

Even as I type out this list of my characteristics I realize how absurd they sound. Who am I compared to He who created the heavens and the earth? Questions directly out of the book of Job assault my mind as I place my insignificantness (yes, I did it again) against Yahweh, the Lord who owns it all.  

This little quote has challenged me in a big way. It’s calling me to a new understanding of the Father’s sovereignty and love. I do know he is in charge and that he is forever ours, but now I need to learn how to relax in this confidence. Relaxing removes the fear, worry, stress, and anxiety that strips away our confidence. In the middle of the mess and the unknowns of tomorrow, I not only need to know he’s got it handled, but I can relax into that assuredness (sorry, I’m done).