Over spring break, we took our kids to the county fair where my youngest two rode the Merry Mixer for the first time. They call it something different here, but growing up in my Midwest hometown this beast was known and loved as the Merry Mixer. You know the one, where several friends cram onto a bench as the ride begins this crazy-fast zipping, dancing, mixing motion by zooming in and out between other arms of the mixer? This is the ride where everyone ends up crammed together on one end of the bench as the centrifugal force increases. When the ride finally comes to an end, it takes a while for the spinning head (and stomach) to return to normal. 

Recently, I’ve been on the grown-up form of a Merry Mixer ride myself. I was presented with a ticket for the ride, a ticket I wasn’t really even looking for, but I climbed on anyway, strapped in, and – zip, dance, mix – got off the ride with a whole new job! 

Starting May 15th, I will begin working for Operation Blessing (OB) as the Regional Manager of Philanthropy for the Southeast Region. This organization is the humanitarian arm of CBN with headquarters located on the Regent University campus in Virginia Beach, VA. As this is my alma mater, the connections are obvious. Working out of a home office in Sarasota, I will serve this organization over a nine-state region to advance the mission of OB, which is to bring humanitarian relief to the world’s poor and needy. Just to give you a little information about my new employer, OB is doing incredible work throughout the US and around the world in a variety of programs, such as safe water, anti-trafficking, hunger and disaster relief, orphan care, micro-enterprise, aiding the persecuted, and providing health and medical care to the vulnerable.

Once again, God has thrust me into a grand adventure! I’m overwhelmingly amazed at another mystery revealed for our family. In every unique and special way possible, this transition has been confirmed as the next step in my advocacy career to be a voice for the voiceless. My heart is also aching because of the goodbyes to the mission of FBCH + One More Child that are coming. I love this organization and all of the beautiful ministry we are doing globally and locally for children. It’s been my privilege to serve alongside so many passionate and beautiful Christ-followers in this organization since 2015.  

However, God is clearly writing this next chapter of my story. The “Fear Not” season of our repurposed lives continues. As we did in August of 2015 with our move to Florida, we hold onto Joshua 1:9 tightly: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (NIV)

So, in head-spinning-tummy-flipping – awe, we fear not! It’s time to “GO” once again.