Today we say goodbye to our Chevy Traverse. She is 10 years old and has carried us well since November 2014 when she had a mere 16,714 miles. In need of a new transmission, she leaves our care to be recycled at 255,552 miles. 

This car has seen the Stark family through 7+ years of monumental life changes. She brought us to Florida and has crisscrossed our new home state as Tim and I traversed a new path and built new careers. This car helped our family complete 4 household moves and moved kids in and out of college dorms in Missouri and Florida. She taught 3 kids to drive and sat endlessly in elementary, middle school, and high school pickup lines all over Sarasota. This car’s been towed a time (or two) and even gotten a speeding ticket (or two). She’s moved us across the Florida state line, carried us over the Skyway Bridge, driven us down Alligator Ally, and even led us through a Purple Heart Highway. She’s given mercy by carrying the loads meant for others and been shown mercy when others helped us carry our loads too. 

We’ve come to the day when this vehicle that has taken us through so much life can no longer serve her purpose, so we are parking her for good. Thanks for the journey, Chevy Traverse, you’ve been a faithful ride.