30 years ago today was my first IVF. 

I was just 24 years old. 

We had broken ground for our custom home. 

That March procedure failed and left me shattered.

I look at that girl in this photo so full of hope and plans thinking her baby was coming along with her new home. 

She wouldn’t have believed there would be 7 IVFs. She couldn’t have breathed through the panic that there would be 5 more long years till she held her first baby on her 4th IVF, much less dreamed of twins, or that another set of miracles from Guatemala would eventually be added too. 

On that land, in that home, I learned lessons about transformation that still define my life today. 

Time is so strange, yet my body remembers the memorial stones of death days gone by.

Lydia is 24 years old now, the same age I was with my first IVF. 

30 years later I can see, only with vision that comes in hindsight, so much beauty that was birthed out of so much hard.