We all have a story. We all face hardships. Faith beacons us to a life of transformation. It’s during our transformation that God fashions us for His purposes. I call this process repurposing.

 re·pur·pose – (rēˈpərpəs) verb –to change [something] so that it can be used for a different purpose.

 My repurposing process led me through a 23-year infertility journey in the pursuit of the only title I ever wanted in life: Mom. This journey, which included seven IVFs and two international adoptions, fundamentally transformed me from the inside out. Yes, I have scars, but I don’t hide them because they made me who I am today: a promise seeker, a story teller, and a change agent.

 I don’t know your story, difficulties, or pain, but I can offer you hope and inspiration for the process. There is a purpose to the problems we face and there is a repurposed life waiting for us on the other side of this journey. 

Called to War

How Life’s Battles Transforms Us For God’s Purposes

Called to War is a book about faith and personal transformation. Part inspirational, part devotional, and part autobiographical, Called to War explores how the very thing you run from becomes the very thing you embrace, and why a journey with God transforms your eyes, your heart, and your walk. Framed metaphorically in militaristic language, this journey through infertility, in-vitro, adoption, and advocacy tells a story of surrender while at the same time imparts important lessons and rewards of a life lived in sacrifice for others.

A companion study guide is also available as a free download or in print format. 

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The Stories of My Repurposed Life

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